From The Gentlemen’s Club, vol. 1…coming soon!


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He held the glass out to me. “Here. Try it.”I reached to take the glass, and for a moment, our fingers touched. When they did, a rush of electricity jolted through me. It was as if his touch had flicked a switch in my body that called every nerve to attention. I felt exposed, acutely aware of my nipples pressing against the inside of my corset, and the narrow G-string between my thighs.

Maybe I do need a drink.

I slowly pulled my hand back, brought the glass to my lips, and took a sip. A burst of liquid heat flooded my senses and then receded, leaving a warm afterglow in its wake.

As I took a second sip, Nick leaned back in his chair and looked me up and down. Appraised me.

When our eyes met, a shiver rippled through me, and I began to understand why so many women had gotten their panties in a twist over this man. From his penetrating gaze to his aura of control, from the sensual curves of his full lips to his flawlessly fitted tux, everything about him radiated power—and sex…