Over the Edge: A New Adult Romance,
vol. 2 of 2

A relationship under fire. A fight for survival. Can their love weather the storm?

A struggle for acceptance
Damien and Mia’s relationship deepens, but powerful forces threaten to destroy their newfound love. When Damien’s wealthy parents learn of his relationship with Mia, they’ll stop at nothing to rip her out of his life—and his heart.

A battle for survival
When Damien’s mother unleashes her worst, Mia finds herself on the verge of losing the future she’s fought to build. Can Mia and Damien stop his mother’s vindictive quest to ruin Mia’s life?

Or will her money and power destroy Mia and tear the young lovers apart?

Complete series available!
Over the Edge is a steamy new adult romance series. Vol. 2 is the second and final part of this two-volume series.

Praise for Over the Edge

“This was a book I could not put down.”

- Books and Beyond Fifty Shades, book review site

“The sex is hot here, but the difference from so many romance books is that it's backed with meaning and love…throughout the series, you really feel Mia and Damien's love for each other.”

- Christopher S, author

“If you are looking for something fun that has meaning behind the story I highly recommend this book.”

- Felicia E, reader

“an emotional roller coaster ride”

- Stephanie J, reader

“POWERFUL and thoroughly believable”

- lulusmom, reader

"This was a book I could not put down, reading it in one sitting."

- Bookaholic and More Blog, book review site

“I don’t know who the author visualized when writing the character Carol, but in my mind I could only see Sue Sylvester from Glee when I was reading her dialogue. The character development of so many characters is just outstanding.”

- rainbowtourist, reader